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Individual Coaching

My coaching draws from Leadership Embodiment practices and the psychology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We work with posture, nonverbal communication and clarity of purpose to increase confidence and achieve break through results. This is a practical approach to making important changes in your life whether you seek to address personal challenges, overcome anxiety, gain new insights or clarify your personal goals and priorities. The outputs include an improved awareness of personal choices and options, so that you can do a better job at work, or find alternative work that suits your aspirations in life, improve your relationships, or live without the limits that fear, stress and anxiety create.

Here are some of the benefits that my clients experience:

  • Get unstuck from the people, stress and burdens that weigh you down
  • Gain new insights that can help you stop blaming other people and situations for your unhappiness
  • Understand yourself better and how to overcome your anxiety and overwhelm
  • Understand the importance of self care and self compassion so you can make better decisions for yourself, your career, and your family
  • Have hope again Communicate what you need to be authentic and congruent and ‘worryless’.
  • Have a new sense of purpose, direction and freedom in your life, and start to experience your best life

Ready to find out if working with me could help? The fastest way to do that is to Click Here to contact me and we’ll set-up an obligation free discussion. This is a confidential conversation to see if and how I can help you, or if I have other ideas about what might be the best course of action for you.